iExplore – Exotic Fish Fair Field Trip


I’ve got to say you’ve run this with almost military precision!! Most impressive and appreciate the regular updates mitigating all parental worries!! – Smriti Mahendra

I must say..you guys have put all my worries to rest..thank you! Great pics on fb..I’m waiting to hear it from my kiddo..he will have some superb stories to tell now! – Simran Mittal

3 cheers! Kudos to the iScream team! Thanks for the great time and the great memories! – Monica

Really kudos to the team! It’s excellent management with a lot of crazy fun for the kids! – Swati Dokania

Excellent experience for the kids to remember! Thanks iScream team – Manisha Gupta

Way to go! Me and my screamer will be there (for your future iExplore trips)! – Padma Menon

iScream team – congratulations from our side to make a fun event for kids even more fun for parents. Very well managed!! Gurpreet, special thanks to you. – Shruti Jha

Thank you so much! Rudy just can’t stop describing the fishes.. – Neeraj Das

Awesome trip..Aariv despite being very unhappy in going and crying is all super charged now and is enacting the eel supposedly!! Both Gurpreet and Aunty have been and always are amazing with the children. – Tulika Jalota

It was a fantabulous experience for my kiddo and me as well..first time for both of us..Ayan calling out fish colors :) Thanks iScream team and special mention for Gurpreet and Gurpreet’s mom..they made the experience all the more special – Simran Mittal

Thanks a lot Gurpreet…kids had an amazing time..hats off to you and your team – Navya Poonja

Gurpreet and Aunty and the entire team..thank you! Ruhann had a great time :) – Tina Chawla

First time for Aaryan and he enjoyed to fullest! Thanks Gurpreet for a well organized and well executed trip, we look forward to more.. – Shraddha Dudhe

Thanks and what a fantabulous effort probably are not enough words to express what I feel about how you have executed this wonderful event Gurpreet!!!! Yuvaan and Ayaan are so charged up right now..Wow is all I can say..I am so happy they started without mamma and papa with you and your team.. – Anita Matta

Kudos to the iScream team for such a fun filled and meticulously arranged trip..great job done!! Special thanks to Gurpreet for making it so comfortable for the kids and the parents.. – Smriti Mahindra

Thank you for a very well managed excursion…Really good job! – Neeraj Das

Hema Kathrani


You are a wonderful teacher Gurpreet..thanks!!

Simran Mittal


Ayan has been having a lot of fun and is insisting “I want to go to Gurpreet teacher”..want to really thank you as I have seen so many positive developments in him since the classes..I hope you enjoy having him in class too..

Tulika Jalota


My son has liked your class and the teacher so much he wants to come for all classes in the week..It was he you my son gave a long hug after the story class!!

Prachi Walia


I must tell you..Lavanya loves her iScream class and only wants to go to her iScream class!!

Samia Khan

iExplorer Mom of Seher and Sahir


Thank you..you have gauged their personalities well over a few Saturdays. I am hopeful that we will have the opportunity for many more.  Have a fantastic trip and do what you do best…live and love life!

Nidhi Raina


Thankyou to the entire team for taking care of my kiddo so beautifully for the last two weeks!!

Pia Bhagat


Thank u so much Gurpreet … Rian loves his time at the Kids Vaganza summer camp !! Hope u will an something as a after school course..

Smita Godbole


Both Mihika and Eshaan also treasure the time they spent with you. It was a really enlightening for them to explore so many venues where we would never have been able to take them visiting. Appreciate your keen interest and efforts in handling the whole team. Looking forward to participate in future events organised by you..

Chitra Ganesh


Gaurav really enjoyed all his trips. It has been a wonderful learning experience which he will cherish for a long time.