Team iScream

James Bethany

Popularly known as ‘Coach James’, his iChess classes are a deeply engrossing experience for beginners to experts. As a board-game inventor, James created strategy games and sold eleven unique titles, before moving on to be a free-lance coder of online puzzle-games. Married and a foster parent of two kids, coach James holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. His chess classes will be conducted from 2:30 – 4:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, his connection to the Chess Academy also allows instant access for rated growth to anyone with the enthusiasm to compete!

Ankita Arora

A well qualified and trained teacher, Ankita has over five years of experience teaching children in various prestigious institutions. Her expertise ranges from teaching  Maths, Science and Computers to children from primary grades to helping them outperform in extra curriculum activities such as dancing, art and craft.  She holds degrees in Education, Science and Computers and has been awarded by Unified Council for helping children in preparing for competitive exams. She employs unique teaching strategies to effectively engage students from all age groups and foster a fun and fascinating learning environment.

Gurpreet Uberoi

Founder of iScream, Inc and co-founder of Purpletree, Inc, Gurpreet has over nine years of experience conducting professional children’s camps across various parts of the globe. Children connect seamlessly with her as she helps them discover and hone their hidden potential and grow into responsible and happy individuals. She holds degrees in Communication, Financial Management and Child Psychology and is responsible for creating and delivering many modules that help children develop intellectually, creatively and physically.

Carolyn Hoffman

Kids absolutely love their one and only Miss Carol, who has been working here with them for over seven years. Loving, enthusiastic and absolutely committed to taking good care of them, children have enjoyed driving safely with her both after-school and on field trips. The organization and administrative skills of this proud grandmom go a long way in making our programs an absolute favorite among kids!

Starlight Dance and Fitness

The versatile instructors from Starlight Dance and Fitness imaprt the vibrancy and energy to our iBollywood dance module. The classes are conducted from 2:30 – 4:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and and teach dance moves from Bollywood songs of yesteryear, to hit songs of current films, to a blend of Indian and Hip Hop style of dance. A unique combination of passion, enjoyment and discipline, every session will boost the kids to soul shaking energy levels.