Giving back to the community

family-child-love-give-350x263At iScream, we believe that teaching philanthropy to young kids will help them continue to grow in their empathy, generosity, and commitment to social justice as they get older. We actively engage in giving back to the community and encourage parents and educate kids to do the same. This initiative is integrated into our core business platform, because we believe that philanthropic activity aligns well with the goal of children’s development.

Kids-Hands-e1320332021406Exposing kids to poverty and other social issues will help them imagine what life might be like in other circumstances and make them feel humble about the privileges they. Inculcating in future leaders the habit of giving will turn them into responsible citizens, bring them fulfillment and go a long way towards making the world a better place. We achieve this using our four-fold methodology:

Extending our arms to reach out

Every iScream session has 5% of the students as underprivileged children who can derive the benefits of the same course at a much reduced cost OR 5% of the gross profits are donated to charity.

Teaching children to share

The importance of doing charitable work is explained to them and they are taught how they can give their time (helping a neighbor), talent (student good at computers helping the elderly) or their treasure (money, used clothing, toys, books). They are taught how they can put away a part of their monthly allowance, birthday, or holiday money into sharing jars.

Keeping it fun!

At the end of every session children are encouraged to bring their unused toys and clothes to donate to charity, engaging their friends and having fun while doing it!

Encouraging parents to take the lead

Parents are encouraged to have their children accompany them to volunteer work, discuss with them where and why they give, and if that is not possible then talk to them about their volunteer experience, share photos etc.

Where we donate:

Come, join the effort!