Class Descriptions


iExploreIt is a well-known fact that children learn best when they get a chance to experience things first-hand. iExplore is our initiative to showcase various career options to children in a fun way. This program is about field trips to various places of work where the children can experience what a particular professional set-up is like and explore the various choices that he or she would like to pursue ahead in life. This course includes exposure to a variety of professions from media to automobiles, teaching, doctors and hospitals. A surefire hit with parents, this course always does it for our kids!


Blue glossy EarthChildren are naturally inquisitive by nature. This course satisfies their curiosity for both history and geography at the same time. Every place we cover in the iRoam program takes the child back centuries in time with respect to a particular geographic location. Extensive use of audio and visual aids make this program very easy to retain and interesting for our young learners. Paris, Germany, London, San Francisco, Mumbai…the list is endless.


iYoga1At iScream, we believe that for the holistic growth of a child, physical well-being is a must. While the iYoga course runs independently of our other courses, we do include the some components of this program into most of our other programs. Most of our classes start with some form of iYoga and iMeditate. Simple animal poses with lots of fun elements make this course a super hit amongst the children. We always enjoy seeing the kids turn into dolphins and lions knowing that they are strengthening their bodies and ingraining the discipline of investing in one’s own physical well-being.


iMeditateiMeditate was started with the intention of taking children on a spiritual journey at a young age. Learning the principles of awareness and tapping into the strengths of the mind has helped many across the world in fulfilling the potential, which resides in each one of us. The exercises are simple, calming and help children build focus, mental strength and agility of purpose.


iExpressiExpress takes our children through the life-journeys of several people who fought the odds and, achieved success and left behind a lasting legacy. Children enjoy the biographies of various famous people, as they find expression in the art and craft that follows. From Lego to colors, origami to clay work; the kids get a chance to discover their personalities through artistic mediums. The kids not only go back wanting to emulate the famous people they learn about but also discover more about themselves through the biographies and the pertinent art associated with it.


iDiscoverThe wonders of the world are endless. While some can’t be explained, a lot find their base in science. This program covers all streams of science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Through safe and hands-on experimentation, children learn more about animals, plants, chemicals, elements and physical laws of nature. This module beautifully integrates the complex elements of science with easy to understand activities, thus inculcating in them a life long foundation of understanding, experimentation and awe for our universe. All the experiments done by children in the class are safe and are conducted only under one-on-one adult supervision.


iSingiSing is our module to help children understand the nuances of sound and melody. This course helps children understand musical notes and harmonies from around the globe. While getting introduced to musical instruments, children find out the benefits and mysteries of the seven musical notes. Involvement in music has helped several children around the world overcome depression, reclusion and problems of association. Our iSing course attempts to help children discover which instrument they identify with most and may wish to take up as a life-long obsession.


iDrawColors add to joie de vivre. This fun program explores different painting techniques with children. They learn oil painting, pencil painting, crayon usage and watercolors. We allow the children to just use their imagination and hands to create their own true masterpieces. Get ready to frame some exquisite art in your house, as your child becomes a part of this program with us.


iChessBeing parents ourselves; we value the importance of inculcating time and space for board games in the life of children. The massive intrusion of technology and the Internet has led to the relegation of this engaging format of play. Playing board games with others has proven to be more helpful in building social skills for children than any Internet based games. Chess helps in strategic thinking and logic building for children. This fun course rolls many benefits along with infinite fun for our young screamers.


iWriteThis program encourages young screamers to turn into authors. We provide our children with half baked stories and have them finish it, along with art and pictures. Young authors find an avenue to express their creativity using words and pictures. This program has helped many an introvert child find a mode of expression. We personally enjoy how the young authors think!


iScienceThis is our special course where our kids work together on various kits to create new inventions. From robotics to working lego models children have a rave time creating and putting together models that emulate apparatus of their times. This is a one-on-one supervised course and safety is our prime concern as we conduct it. An all-time favorite!


iWatchiWatch is our way to allow kids what they enjoy most- TV time! We use audio-visual set-up to show children documentaries and movies across genres. These can be purely fun based or include learning as a component. We make sure that the content is child specific and approved for kids viewing.  iWatch is mostly our Friday special to welcome the weekend awaiting us.