About iScream

Our Goal: Relentlessly invest in our children

invest-in-you iScream is a global initiative, with current offices and programs in San Francisco, London and Mumbai. It was founded with the sole aim of unleashing the limitless potential residing in our children. Our aim is to equip children with the tools and training needed for an undiluted expression of their creativity, in a learning environment in which they feel loved and cared for.

Our Summer Camps: A truly world class experience

childrensilhouettejumpingAt our Summer Camps, children have the opportunity to experience their imagination coming to life in an exciting educational environment. Our camp teachers are the best in the class in their fields, wholly dedicated to the cause of empowerment of children. All our courses are structured around learning through playful self-awareness, where we focus on mental and physical activities before and after the actual coursework to tune their minds and bodies for a well rounded overall development.

Our Philosophy: Holistic nurturing

PhilosophyiScream recognizes that each child is unique. Comparison between children and their abilities, refrains a child from truly challenging and building his or her strengths. iScream is working towards making your child confident and creative, in an understanding and non-competitive environment. At iScream our aim is to nurture every aspect of your child’s personality to help them achieve the best that life has to offer. We realize that every child will grow to their fullest potential only with enthusiasm, openness and co-operation while maintaining respect for teamwork as well as individuality. We bring in freshness to the learning and teaching approach by allowing freedom and awareness of thought and action.

Besides preparing your child academically to conquer his or her dreams, we also help them to develop emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally as well as socially. Our specially designed courses are meant to suit the individual needs of every child, helping them to maximize their potential in an arena of their liking and aptitude.

We, at iScream also believe that learning is an experience, which is based on the science of grasping, practicing and implementing. Hence children are never rushed or pressurized but guided firmly, impartially and with love – never emphasizing only on outcomes or results. By encouraging a child to develop holistically, we prepare the child for challenges of life and survival in today’s society.

By providing a stable and harmonious environment for children, iScream helps inculcate in children, a love for learning that will last a lifetime. By providing new age technology and courses, we are exploring new boundaries that have not been ventured into by traditional teaching.

Our iGive Initiative: Growth through giving back to the community

kids_putting_hands_togetherWe actively engage in giving back to the community and encourage parents and educate kids to do the same, please see more on our iGive initiative.